Soy Clothing

Soy Clothing: “MANIFESTO

The movement today

To show our roots in pride.

Knowing where we’re from.

Knowing not to hide.

You may think you know.

Seeing us run the streets with

That nod – ‘I KNOW.’

But you don’t – you see.

What you see on the TV

Ain’t me, just ain’t me.

I’m unique – I’m free.

I do thank my ancestors.

They are what made me.

I’m true history.

My pops – he taught me the streets.

Mom’s my memory.

Now I want to show

That I’m learning the lessons.

I’m ready to go.

Generation Y? What’s Why?

X to the Y, puhleeeeaaaze. ZZZ.

What happened to A, B, C?

Can’t every generation relate?

We’re all a cross between peace,

greed, love and hate.

We’re steppin’ up, bruh.’

And taking it through. To the

Future. It’s all you.

Join us – join the few.

Your culture is our culture.

We’re all livin’ too.

So, we want to know

What made you? Who helped you grow?

What makes you proud?

What makes you live out loud?

That’s your identity, see.

We just wanna’ let you be.

And now’s the time to push it.

In yo’ face. No disgrace.

Life’s short, don’t waste.

Document to make

The Truth. We’re walking tabloids.

Wise and in our youth.

Show your strength.

Respect’s within.

Yeah boy


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