so i go to the apple store to pick up a few things…

went to my local Apple Store in the mall today to get a macbook keyboard skin/trackpad cover.

couldn’t do it.

store employees told me i had to wait in the iphone line in order to get in the store…. about 200 people were waiting in line at 3pm…  on the 4th day of its availability… hindering anyone from going into the store to get anything else…

stupid apple.

really stupid apple.

Graffiti Animation: MUTO by BLU

Graffiti Animation: MUTO is Among the More Astounding Videos We’ve Seen Online…or Off

Italian artist BLU is famous for painting politically and socially charged street murals, but his recent project involving street animation may be his most visually stunning. Called MUTO, the video is a series of digital stills assembled from sequential paintings on the streets/walls of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s been floating around a bit, but if you haven’t seen it, the effect is a sort of living, evolving mural that follows a dramatic, character-drive storyline.