2008 Modular Jam @ Casa cyrusrex

wow. what a jamfest!


2008 Modular Jam @ Casa cyrusrex

June 10, 2008

Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) – TR808 + Pedal FX

Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails + Modwheelmood)- Buchla Modular

Baseck – Moog Little Phatty + FX Pedals

cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy)- Tenori-On + Space Echo

cyrusrex – Moog Little Phatty + Frostwave + Various Pedals + Mackie 1604 + Pro Tools

Dre – Moogerfooger FX + Nintendo DS

John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – DevilFish TB303 + Innerclock Sync Shift

Otto Von Schirach – TR909 + FX + Cell Phone

Squigg – Eurorack Modular and Pedal FX + Mobius

Flicker Stream of Apple //c unboxing.

Flicker Stream of Apple //c unboxing.

so cool.

from the site:

On Thursday night, Kathryn and I unboxed my latest Ebay acquisition: an Apple //c. There are many vintage Apple II computers available for auction, but this one is special:

It’s never been opened. Ever. It hasn’t seen the light of day since before it was shipped on May 5th, 1988.

I wrestled with whether I should open the box, or store it and let it accrue collector’s value. In the end, I decided that the reason for my purchase wasn’t financial. My very first computer was an Apple //c, and I can’t see wanting to part with this computer, ever.

monome – i got a 128!

@ monome

update: we’ve sent out the second batch of invoices. these expire wednesday at 12pm EST. if we have remaining units, we’ll ship out more invoices at this time

looks like i did put in an earlier order for a 128 – around February… so instead of being #160, i actually snagged one!

i’m very happy at this point – now just to sell my 40h…


monome 128 order invoices sent out…

we just sent 100 e-mail invoices to those first people on the 128 request list. orders not paid by monday june 2, 12pm EST will be dropped. we will then send invoices to the next people waiting on the list until we’ve sold the entire edition.

@ monome


hope a few people pass them up so i can get an invoice… doubting it though…