How To Avoid The Draft Or National Service

How To Avoid The Draft Or National Service:

“The legal requirement to register for the draft demands a decision: give up your freedom and your conscience, or conscientiously resist. All the good reasons that would prevent a free man from volunteering for military service, also apply to resisting the draft. How in a “free country” can the first requirement of a young man, when he comes of age, be to sign up to accept orders to kill for the state in an organized way? There is never a need to compel a free man to take up a cause that is both necessary and just; but a man who is drafted is never free, and thus his cause can never be assumed to be either necessary or just.

The draft is not simply an academic interest. There is not enough military manpower to sustain the commitments the President has already undertaken.
We constantly hear that our troops are “stretched too thin.” To assist the United States, both the President and Secretary of State have made serious requests for significant military manpower contributions from other nations.
Continued here: These requests have largely fallen on deaf ears. The President has repeatedly stated he will not “back down” meaning, we must assume, that the military forces will continue to be “thinly stretched.”
Where will they find relief? It appears they are looking at young Americans who are free to volunteer for military duty, but in good conscience, choose not to do so.
With certain exceptions, all men residing in the United States are required to register for the draft within 30 days of their 18th birthday. The obligation of a man to register is imposed by the Military Selective Service Act, which establishes and governs the operations of the Selective Service System.
In addition to the Military Selective Service Act, the “Health Care Personnel Delivery System” was authorized by Congress in 1987 to deal with large-scale casualties that outstripped the active-duty military’s ability to handle them.
If implemented, the bill would require a mass registration of male and female health care workers between the ages of 20 and 45. At this time; however, the Selective Service has no statutory authority to draft medical personnel. That authorization would be provided by legislation to be introduced and passed in Congress at the time of a national defense mobilization.
That “M-Day” legislative package has not been made available for public comment or congressional debate. See the Center on Conscience and Wars “Health Care Professionals and the Draft” for details regarding the Health Care Personnel Delivery System.
The Pentagon is considering other “special skills” drafts, to include military linguists, computer experts, or engineers, which could arise from other immediate needs. “We’re going to elevate that kind of draft to be a priority,” said Lewis Brodsky, acting director of the Selective Service System.
A bill before the House Armed Services Committee would require the induction of young men into the military “to receive basic military training and education for a period of up to one year.” “

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Futuremusic Presents ::: Digihear? – NAMM 2005, the Futuremusic NAMM Report, New NAMM gear, Behringer, B-Control DeeJay BCD2000, Digital Music News, DJ News, The Future, Electronic music News: “On the DJ front, Behringer introduced a really poorly designed USB audio interface/controller for software mix programs called the B-Control DeeJay BCD2000. The unit was obviously not designed BY DJ’s because the pitch and volume sliders severely impeded the use of the scratch wheels.

Behringer BCD2000

The B-Control DeeJay BCD2000 was very cheap looking, and the fit and finish was on par with a toy instead of a musical instrument. Pure crap.”

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