HE-MAN on DVD!!!!!

My Two Cents – Archived Posts (4/24/05 – 4/4/05): “In other news, BCI Eclipse has announced that they’ll be releasing the complete, classic 1980s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series on DVD over the next two years. The first release, due 7/12, will be a 2-disc The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 10-episode collection. It will include 5 first season episodes, and 5 second season episodes, along with documentary interviews with a variety of talent involved with the original series, including writers, directors, artists and others. It will also include a pair of 4′ x 6′ art cards by Bruce Timm and Adam Hughes. There’s even better news from BCI’s press release:

‘Beginning this fall, BCI Eclipse will begin releasing the complete, 130-episode series in multi-disc “season” box sets, each including an abundance of extras that, altogether, will make up the most comprehensive collection of extras ever produced for a classic animation DVD series. Consulting with BCI on the project and providing extra content is Val Staples, the owner of He-Man.org, the internet’s largest portal for the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fan community, the owner of MVCreations graphic design company, and the publisher of the recent Masters of the Universe comic. Producing the special features documentaries and most of the extra content is entertainment writer Andy Mangels, a best-selling novelist, and author of Animation on DVD: The Ultimate Guide.'”